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We manufacture new permanent and complete cathode plates for clients in copper, zinc and nickel refineries. We manufacture according the each client´s requirements. The new plates are manufacture in our Finnish factory located in Parkano, Finland.


The complete plates can include hanger bar using laser welding, permanent edge strips, hooks, V-groove, etc.























     >  Polipropylene PP: when the temperatures used in production

            are over 70°c

    >  Poliethylene PEH: when the temperatures used in production

           are under 70°C

    >  For aluminum different solutions are offered.










Cathodex offers the following SHEET MATERIALS:


        >  Stainless steel EN 1.4404, 2B –316L, 

             thickness 3-3.5m

                                              Other material types are also available.


        >  Aluminum (different type of alloys and tempers    

              available)  thickness 5-7mm


        >  Titanium

We manufacture according to the plate dimensions and requirements sent by the client

Depending on the client´s requirements the plate can be furnished with 2 edge strips on each lateral side and V-groove cut at the bottom of the plate, or three edge strip on each side of the plate.

HANGER BAR options:

We used automated laser welding C02, 6kW.


We offer different types of hanger bars, for example:

      > Explosion bonded : solid copper bar 98,99% Cu with 316 L    

          stainless steel cover.


   > Cathodex own design.


We also manufacture the lifting hooks or lifting holes.

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