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We have two types of equipment, that is used based on customer´s needs and plate requirements:


  • Equipment to manufacture and customized new complete cathode plates, according to each client specifications and requirements. Complete and new cathode plates production includes the sheet, hanger bar, edge strips and V-groove cut or third bottom edge strip. 



New cathodes
For new cathode plates


We have different machines and equipment to manufacture and customize new cathode plates.


Our annual production capacity is 200 000 plates.


This equipment cosists of:


Automated CNC machine

Automated V-groove unit

Automatic edge strip production line

Straightening and tension removal unit

Corner edge strip machine

Laser welding unit


To read more about them click on each picture 



Repair and maintenance
For repair and maintenance


These machines are used to give maitenance for used cathode plates with or without welded hanger bars.


They can be sold as a complete maintenance package "Cathodex Workshop" or individually.


This equipment cosists of:


Perforation unit

Permanent edge strip manufacturing machine

Automated brushing unit

Corner edge strip unit

V-groove repairment unit

Straightening and tension removal unit



To read more about them click on each machine picture.

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