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Cathodex Oy is a forerunner of new cathode plate technology.


Our core business is the development of the unique-patented permanent edge strip technology and the manufacturing of complete cathode plates for clients in copper, zinc and nickel refineries.


Our head offices are located in Parkano, Finland. We have a subsidiary company in Mexico and  partners in Chile and Zambia.


We focused on the client´s needs to customize the plates according to it´s specific requirments. 



















The results of the investment were the the possibility to offer a long lasting operation lifetime for permanent edge strips, using a unique and patented technology, that offers significant savings in the maintenance and repairment of cathode plates.





new technology

is known since the

year 2007 under the

registered trademark




Unique-patented edge strip technology, that offers significant savings in the maintenance and repairment costs of cathode plates.

Cathodex began operations in 1996 as a development company of SKM Teollisuusmuovit Oy. The company focused on the development and innovation of different production technologies for cathode plates. 



In 1984 SKM Teollisuusmuovit Oy began to offer maintenance services to cathode plates and with time Cathodex Oy specialized in cathode plate´s manufacturing and repairing technologies. 



At the end of 1990´s Cathodex sold its first cathode plates, based on its own permanent edge strip technology. The following years the company strongly invested in the development of an automatic production line technology to manufacture and process complete cathode plates. 


Cathodex technology was developed to overcome the inherent disvadvantages of conventional edge strips.


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