CATHODEX offers:

  •     Maintenance and repairment services for cathode plates. 

  •     Furnishing of permanent edge strips to new or used plates.


We provide with these services in our different factories located in Parkano, Finland, Hermosillo, Mexico and with our partner in Calama, Chile.

Furnishing of permanent edge strips:


Through this option the client send us their own new or used plates in order to install Cathodex permanent edge strips to the plate.



Maintenance services:


The maintenance and repairment of the plate can include:


  • Removal of old egde strips

  • Normal or major straightening of the plate

  • Hanger bar straightening

  • Lifting hooks repairment

  • Cleaning of the surface of the plate 

  • Automated plate brushing

  • Extruding of Permanent edge strip

  • Straightening and tension removal

  • Quality control